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Neil Roberts

No introduction needed, Neil Roberts, aka Nicw, is a former child actor, an illustrator & known for his "crazy predictions". Born & raised in Caernarfon, this true "Cofi Dre", was introduced to our screens from the early 90's, most notably playing the role of 'Nicw Nacw' from the Welsh TV series 'Caffi Sali Mali'. He later explored the world of illustration, where he was selected by Gary Neville, Ryan Giggs & the Class of 92, to design the interior of Hotel Football, which sits opposite Old Trafford, Manchester United's Home Stadium. He has since gone on to design a clothing brand 'Utd adoRED Range' which is a brand for the fans of Man Utd.

Neil, most recently, has become known for his "crazy" yet accurate "predictions" where he would tell us "I'm not telling you anything you don't already know".

A controversial character, yet no one could deny, a popular one nonetheless.


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